Entry #14

I MET TOM FULP in an elevator!

2015-11-10 12:49:24 by Jebbal

Well, I've been traveling a lot this past week attending aquatics seminars and speaking at small universities.  I visited cities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana over the course of 7 days.  Crazy!  A couple nights ago I checked into a Marriot in PA and received a pleasant surprise taking the elevator up to my room.  It was Tom Fulp!  Look at us just riding along here.  We're just a couple of busy guys dressed in our Sunday bestes'es.  Tom invited me up to his suite for some drinks and ladies, but, unfortunately, I had to decline.  It was after midnight and I needed to be up at 6AM to catch a flight.  We did, however, find some time to snap this pic before we went our separate ways.  It was an evening I will never forget.




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2015-11-10 13:28:08


Jebbal responds:

Yeah Tom is a pretty cool guy!


2015-11-10 15:37:21

Dude! this reminds me of the time I met Elevator in a Tom Fulp!

Jebbal responds:



2015-11-10 15:45:53

Wow! You really met Tom Fulp! I wish one day to see him.

Jebbal responds:

Yeah that's me and him! I bet you will meet Tom one day. Don't give up :)


2015-11-10 18:01:46

getting good a ps i see

(Updated ) Jebbal responds:

What? What is a ps. This is the real deal.


2015-11-10 19:23:11

Dude. A cap along with a suit. Not done.

(Updated ) Jebbal responds:

It's my way of showing the younger folk that I can be a cool dude.


2015-11-10 20:41:21

Looks like it might be photoshopped.

(Updated ) Jebbal responds:

No photoshop here. Tom's head reflects light differently than other peoples' heads tend to reflect light.


2015-11-11 06:36:08

Totes fake.
Also, why did you never reply to my PM's?
I don't want that sig anymore but it's the thought that counts.

Jebbal responds:

This is no joke.

And I'm sorry! I kinda went like 2 years without logging into Newgrounds or checking my PMs. If you ever want a sig again let me know ;)


2015-11-11 09:04:41

Ha. Awesome.

Jebbal responds:

Tom is awesome.


2015-11-11 10:09:40

is it photosopped or is it just me? XD

Jebbal responds:

Just you. I don't even own one single photoshop.


2015-11-12 17:51:43

I was in a hotel elevator with Mindchamber, his GF and several rabid furries earlier this year. I was more concerned with personal safety than snapping a pic. Rly glad they hopped off on another floor, we were moments away from throwing down, keeping the girl safe.

What did Tom smell like?

Jebbal responds:

Sounds like quite the encounter. You're lucky to have escaped with both your ears.

Tom smelled pretty good. I think he was wearing Sky for Men.


2015-11-13 12:10:50

come back when you have ponies!

Jebbal responds:

At the moment I have 0 (zero) ponies. I will let you know immediately if I happen to stumble upon one!


2015-11-13 14:10:05

and you both just so happened to be wearing suits that day?

Jebbal responds:

Yeah that's how it happened man


2015-11-14 19:37:25

do you have a pony yet?

(Updated ) Jebbal responds:

Lemme check.

[EDIT] Sorry, still zero ponies.


2015-11-14 19:47:32

okay then.
get a pony or i will have your butt by force