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I MET TOM FULP in an elevator!

Posted by Jebbal - November 10th, 2015

Well, I've been traveling a lot this past week attending aquatics seminars and speaking at small universities.  I visited cities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana over the course of 7 days.  Crazy!  A couple nights ago I checked into a Marriot in PA and received a pleasant surprise taking the elevator up to my room.  It was Tom Fulp!  Look at us just riding along here.  We're just a couple of busy guys dressed in our Sunday bestes'es.  Tom invited me up to his suite for some drinks and ladies, but, unfortunately, I had to decline.  It was after midnight and I needed to be up at 6AM to catch a flight.  We did, however, find some time to snap this pic before we went our separate ways.  It was an evening I will never forget.




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Yeah Tom is a pretty cool guy!

Dude! this reminds me of the time I met Elevator in a Tom Fulp!


Wow! You really met Tom Fulp! I wish one day to see him.

Yeah that's me and him! I bet you will meet Tom one day. Don't give up :)

getting good a ps i see

What? What is a ps. This is the real deal.

Dude. A cap along with a suit. Not done.

It's my way of showing the younger folk that I can be a cool dude.

Looks like it might be photoshopped.

No photoshop here. Tom's head reflects light differently than other peoples' heads tend to reflect light.

Totes fake.
Also, why did you never reply to my PM's?
I don't want that sig anymore but it's the thought that counts.

This is no joke.

And I'm sorry! I kinda went like 2 years without logging into Newgrounds or checking my PMs. If you ever want a sig again let me know ;)

Ha. Awesome.

Tom is awesome.

is it photosopped or is it just me? XD

Just you. I don't even own one single photoshop.

I was in a hotel elevator with Mindchamber, his GF and several rabid furries earlier this year. I was more concerned with personal safety than snapping a pic. Rly glad they hopped off on another floor, we were moments away from throwing down, keeping the girl safe.

What did Tom smell like?

Sounds like quite the encounter. You're lucky to have escaped with both your ears.

Tom smelled pretty good. I think he was wearing Sky for Men.

come back when you have ponies!

At the moment I have 0 (zero) ponies. I will let you know immediately if I happen to stumble upon one!

and you both just so happened to be wearing suits that day?

Yeah that's how it happened man

do you have a pony yet?

Lemme check.

[EDIT] Sorry, still zero ponies.

okay then.
get a pony or i will have your butt by force

lol you're so cute :P