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FFS, how long did you have to study Rick and Morty animation to recreate it so well?

Refreshingly original

The artwork and animation is great. Nice use of blurring effects and whatnot to achieve an appealing depth and naturalism. But the best thing about this cartoon is the ending. Being an NG flash, I expected something a little more... expected (like the fish simply opening its mouth ridiculously wide and eating the cat, or the cat suddenly becoming vicious, etc). Nope. A fucking glob monster emerged and sucked the kitty in like a vacuum cleaner. Nobody would have predicted that lol. The dazed music was quite effective at that point too.

Definitely one of the more memorable movies I've seen here in a while. Keep it up!

Syringes responds:

xDD Thanks! Yea, I had a feeling I needed to do something unexpected. lmao.


I like that you're keeping in touch with newgrounds, this is pretty cool! also, Bizzarro, i bought a pack of mentos 5 minutes ago and THIS is STILL the freshest thing I've seen today.

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After you get shot at you can run all the way back, get back in your ship and fly away haha

For me, this was a reminder that we are in complete control of our lives. You may not always have control over the things that happen around you, but you can choose to see every aspect of the world positively and be happy no matter how bad a situation seems. Finding happiness within yourself and totally letting go of your reliance on people and objects is an amazing feeling. It's hard to do, especially living in this day and age.

This is great! Controls are tight - Feels good. The graphics are appealing. It's nice to see that you put careful thought into the level designs. Overall, nice professional presentation and a solid game all around. :)

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I agree with some of the other reviewers about the mix. And the kick does get a little lost behind the bass. But I love the melody, the pace, the vibes, everything musical about this is AWESOME! Another Waterflame classic that pulls you in and keeps you listening :)

You're probably the most underrated NG audio artist of all time. :(

Everything you make sounds amazing. But I miss the good ol' days of Yummy Muffin and Am I Cool Yet! This is your first submission of the year and it's almost December!

I need more Rig in my life

Rig responds:

i'm a big buttface who doesn't make music for a living anymore :(

This sounds like something Paragonx9 would've uploaded in like 2004 haha. It's definitely got that classic DnB flavor.

Undertale was great - This is a nice tribute to that Hellish final boss fight :)

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I am now on attempt.... 40... or so... for trying to beat Sans on the genocide run. I don't appreciate your artwork mocking me lol.

Nice drawings, though! Looks like just some sketches in a binder. You should do a polished up version of sans or Flowey!

TheNGVirus responds:

you got me, dude.. they are sketches in a binder :O


This looks like the cover to a book they'd make you read for school. "Okay class, please have chapters one and two of 'The Giant Forest Pumpkin' read by class on Wednesday"


TheFishyOne responds:

Haha, yep!



Things aren't looking good for that king.

OneWhoListens responds:

Haha thanks. Yup, that king is doomed!

I've been browsing NG since 2001, finally got around to creating an account in 2005! After that, I pooped.

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